Troubleshooting Mouse Freezing on Windows 10

Having a mouse freeze on Windows 10 can be frustrating. In this article, we will explore troubleshooting methods to resolve this issue. Before You Start 1. Check for any physical issues with your mouse, such as loose cables or debris. Clean the mouse using a cotton swab or compressed air to remove any grime or … Read more

Troubleshoot HDMI sound device not showing in Windows 10

Having trouble with your HDMI sound device not showing in Windows 10? Check the HDMI connection: Ensure that the HDMI cable is securely connected to both your computer and the HDMI device. Try unplugging and reconnecting the cable to make sure it is properly seated. Troubleshooting HDMI Audio Device Issues If you’re experiencing issues with … Read more

Toshiba Laptop Only Starts Safe Mode

Having trouble starting your Toshiba laptop in normal mode? If your laptop only starts in safe mode, this article will provide you with solutions to resolve this issue. Check for software conflicts: Start by uninstalling any recently installed software or updates that may be causing conflicts with your Toshiba laptop’s normal startup process. This can … Read more

Troubleshoot and Fix Windows 10 Extended Display Issues

Having trouble with extended display issues on your Windows 10? Let’s dive into effective troubleshooting methods and solutions to fix them. Check the cable connections: Make sure that all cables connecting your computer or laptop to the external display are securely plugged in. Sometimes, loose or faulty connections can prevent the extended display from working … Read more

Ubuntu Battery Not Charging

Having trouble with your Ubuntu battery not charging? Here’s a brief guide to troubleshoot the issue. Check the power adapter and cable: Ensure that the power adapter is properly connected to the laptop and the cable is not damaged. Try using a different power adapter or cable to rule out any issues with them. Troubleshooting … Read more

Troubleshooting Pokeball Plus Connection Issues

Having trouble connecting your Pokeball Plus? Let’s troubleshoot the connection issues together. Check the battery level: Make sure the Pokeball Plus has enough battery power. If it’s low, charge it using the provided USB cable or replace the batteries if it’s not rechargeable. Troubleshooting Connection Issues with Pokeball Plus If you’re experiencing connection issues with … Read more

Fix Video Hardware & Graphics Card Error

I will discuss troubleshooting methods for resolving video hardware and graphics card errors. Understanding Video Hardware Video hardware refers to the components in your computer that are responsible for displaying graphics and videos on your screen. This includes the graphics card, motherboard, and display device. When you encounter a video hardware or graphics card error, … Read more